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Game Play

Tap the Category that you wish to practice. Tap the Play button, then tap the correct word that appears (as it shimmers on the Lily Pad) that matches the random category word or phrase that pops up in the bottom window. 1,500 points are awarded for the correct first try, 450 for the second correct try, 50 for the third correct try and none for the last tries. After a correct answer, the game will automatically go to the next word, but you may click the “try again” button if you wish. Or, tap the Skip button if needed. However, your score will then be reduced by 25 points. You may choose Easy (1/4 of the words offered in that section Medium (1/2 of the words offered in that section) or Hard (all of the words offered in that section). The words offered in each section depend on the most widely used words that are commonly taught to language students. Therefore, there are fewer irregular verbs than there are regular verbs offered to study.

We welcome your feedback and will make an effort to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Known Problems and Fixes

If you wish to download the newest version of Tío Tucán to replace the one you have, be sure to trash the old version first, then download the newest version.