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Home of Tío Tucán, your Ambassador of Edutainment

We are proud to present a study guide in game format where you can enhance your learning of the Spanish language.

This app is intended for those of any age who wish to brush up on previous exposure to the learning of Spanish, or to augment current study of the language, using English as the base language.

We recognize that there are 21 countries where Spanish is widely spoken, each one with its own nuances and special phrases. Therefore, we present the most universally used terms that can be used and understood in most countries where Spanish is spoken. Keeping with that concept, we have eliminated the vosotros form in the verb conjugations. Also, with the same concept in mind, we have added pronunciation as an option and have chosen a clear, generic sounding native speaker to help those who wish to hear the pronunciation. We will continue to upgrade the program with no additional charges and sincerely hope that you enjoy playing this study guide/game.

This learning tool is not intended to replace the classroom experience, but to enhance your approach to learning Spanish, and for refreshing your memory of what you have previously studied or are currently studying. This tool may also be used by teachers to assign for extra credit. There also may be Spanish speakers who could benefit with their study of English.

Tío Tucán will be your guide for a fun way to practice finding the correct translations of over 100 of some of the most frequently used regular and irregular verbs with conjugations in the Present tense, Preterite (past) tense and Past Perfect tense. We also include over five hundred vocabulary words and phrases with a variety of categories, which can also be found in our in-app library.

Educators may purchase at a discounted rate by enrolling in the Apple Volume Purchase Program

If you wish to download the newest version of Tío Tucán to replace the one you have, be sure to trash the old version first, then download the newest version

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this experience on your journey to acquiring this beautiful language. ¡Buena Suerte!, Amigos.

Please tell your friends, family, teachers and leave us a review. ¡Gracias! 🙂


Produced and published by: Claudine Lundgren of Lundgraph. Oregon, USA
Design, Graphic Art, Content: Claudine Lundgren of LundGraph.
Pronunciation: Soledad Bauer.
Programming: @codegold79. Additional Programming:

Copyright ©2020 Claudine Lundgren of LundGraph. All rights reserved. No part of this application, content, illustration or graphics may be used or reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the publisher: ( Feedback welcome:

About the author:

Professor Claudine Lundgren’s Spanish heritage is seamlessly spotlighted through her work as both a Spanish teacher and artist. Claudine has lived, traveled, and worked in Chile as a Peace Corps Volunteer; her studies include living and traveling in Mexico, plus traveling many countries of Central and South America, as well as Europe. She uses her experience as a Spanish teacher and professor for 20 years to create this iPad app. The recipient of numerous awards, certificates and grants for achievements in art and Spanish, Claudine combines her talents in this powerful, enjoyable tool for those pursuing their Spanish practice in a handy game format. She truly hopes that you will enjoy this app — and that you will share it with others of all ages!